Monday, November 23, 2009

LOVEGODDESS = Clean Cultured Current Climatic Change = Non-smokers of tobaco cigarettes-weed-grass-marijuana-no alcohol drinikers, drugged dopers-chemical concoction. Only Healthy Wealthy SOULFOOD.

YES: Strictly solving spiritual situations, that comes about through the inordinate and excessive use of toxic chemicals of many sorts, numerous types, especially those ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, lists for y'all in this True-Up Story Book Bible Blog.
Duly Note: the consumption-imbibing or drinking of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine and hard liquor sometimes called strong spirits. This list includes the habit of smoking cigarette tobacco, marijauna-weed-grass smokes to get high from or allegedly for medicinal reasons. Likewise, this is another notoriously known SPIRITUALITY killer, being chemical concoctions as pharmaceutical prescription pills pushed by physician pimps. And illicite-legal or legalized drugs, dope as crack rock, cocaine, heroin, and many other toxic poisons that destroys our Spiritual connection to our COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR via SUNGOD.  

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