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The Original Creative Artist C.H.D. Divine Digital Designs Love Life Light

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DiamonStar'n Lovin'Faith
Learning to love our own
selves is so very great;
Without the need of others to hate;
It's a spiritual thing whole heartily to date;
An artistic vision of our
divine destiny of fate.__
Did all of us come from
somewhere out in cyberspace;
Our spirits traveling here
by the free gift of grace.__
From remote heavenly places,
Where there's LovePeace & Harmony
enjoyed by all human races.___
Blessed to go back there with
a blazing burning desire;
Is it possible to even set
the living soul on fire.___
Certainly it demands an
original thought no doubt;
Just simply follow the colorful
rainbow back home in route.___
The perfect ripe fruit of our times;
To truly give color
accountability rythmic rhymes.__
Song from our caring loving hearts;
A kind shape offering as
constructive creative arts.__
"Give and it shall be given unto you; goo
measure, pressed down, and shaken together,
and running all over shall men give unto your bosom.
For with the same measure that ye mete
withal it shall be measured to you again."

Flying Angel of Grace
"And I saw another angel fly
in the midst of heaven,
having the everlasting
gospel to preach unto them that dwell on
the earth and to every nation, and kindred,
and tongue, and people."
A biblical revelation unifying
the whole wide world indeed;
A beautiful heart of love for us to succeed;
Is what our global planet
Mother Earth now need.___
The flying angel of grace;
Showing our diverse skin colors of the
Homo Sapiens Human Race.__

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven:...
with the sun and the moon under her feet."
"And the woman was crown two of a great eagle."
"And upon her head a crown of twelve stars."

In The Beginning The ELOHIM,
Created The Heavens And The Earth And The...
Meaning plural = GOD & GODDESS, Masuline & Feminine,
Female & Male, Woman & Man, Boy & Girl!!
CreativeEvolutiion & EvolutionaryCreation!!
The Homo Sapiens, who are better known; As human beings are remarkable creatures in and of their own.____. Those people who have the will to do good things; And the same will to do bad things.____ Yes, we have a genius which shows itself; Through an exceptional natural capacity of intellect right and left.____Hemispheres of the talented brain; Free gifts of the Spirit nevertheless the same.___Especially as shown in creative and original work in science, music and art; It was a predestinated prodigy from the conceptual start.____This is no mere coincidence; But a natural phenomena "The Spirit of Truth" sent.___
The Original Creative ArtistCHD
44th Inauguration Day Tuesday, January 20, 2009 -
1-22-09 Thursday.
Part One
YES: The first African American Black US President said "Starting today,'' So listen closely as y'all politely pray; To what the New World Commander In Chief of color array; Eloquently did indeed candidly say. __ "We must pick ourselves up; Dust ourselves off" for fortune's good luck; And honestly earn the blessed big buck.__ "And begin the work of remaking America'' Divine; "We gather because we have chosen hope over fear" graciously sublime._
Electing "Unity of purpose over conflict and discord"; Our universal Creators Female & Male, Woman & Man, Mother Goddess & Father God.__
'We are no longer those who cling to power'; Nor dominant over others every day-minute and our-hour.__But through proper Love of Life instruction vs. corruption. __ And deceit has faced its defeat; In the face of freedom of poetic speech I repeat.
And the end is here for the rude "silencing of dissent"; And monetary funds wastefully spent. __'Know that you are on the wrong side of history'; Self determination for all is no strange mystery.__
America now offers a sovereign state and rightful homeland; For this is the new world policy decreed by Eternal Spirit Command.__Our true love for Mother Nature's Earthly Humanity still persist; As a serene bliss with a soulful twist; Turning our backs on nobody putting them on some negative hit list; "But that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.''
This is The Original Creative ArtistCHD's idea who wrote; His poetic analogy, interpretation and semi-quote; Obama fundamentally proclaimed before the nations and world and eloquently spoke.__ Yes we can change the contents of our character; The USA Promised Lands with us being the inheritor.__
Together we are going to change America; Portraying a lovable image to Mother Africa; Impressing Europe-Mexico & Asia; Plus Canada, Australia, China & Russia. __And every beautiful island in between; LoveSensationSpiritDivine is now on the sensitive scene.__This is no sugar coated candy; Let us pitch in and make ourselves handy.__
"Let us set aside childish things" Hearing how the freedom liberty bell musically sings.__'The time has come to leave petty grievances behind'; Replaced with positive energies well defined; We are all to have equal opportunity to be friendly, courteous and kind; Thus to become all that we can needing not to play colorblind; This is the beginning of a New World CyberSpaceAge American mankind; We intend to move forward, with dignity and good will toward all humankind.
Certainly the mainstream news media expressed his racial; African American Black first 44th special.__USA President; Intervention Divine by the Almighty Powers of Intent. __Taking his and our oath relinquishing strife; Not apologizing for our wholesome way of life; Willing to make personal responsibility a self-accountable sacrifice.__
Leading by illustrative example; CK-NWCA is more than just a simple sample.__ Portrayed by convictions, with justness of our cause with delicacy; "We are the keepers of this legacy".__ Based in 'mutual respect with unclenched fists; But open hands Obama Hussein Barack insists; Hatred and bitterness that persists, Those of LovePeace & Harmony. do indeed nonviolently resists. __
We the people must do this happily to wit; Joyfully letting clean waters flow through the inlet; As 'the world has changed and we must change with it'.__ Remaking America is our main goal compassionate concerned; Hard work employed and benefits lawfully "earned"; Resting upon historical lessons smartly learned.__
The spirit of service, looking up to powers greater than the self.; In order to really Love Thy Self.__ Values upon our success depends on clean honestly made wealth for divine health.__Living in a new era of responsibility; Seizing gladly spirituality in light of financial stability.__Defining our character the soul to economically equip, Which is "the price and promise of citizenship".__
We are a country of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, believers and non-believers alike; In this nation together as One in power and in unity's might.___Knowing who we are and our humble birth; World family members of lovely planet Mother Earth.__Rich or poor; Blessed with talents and gifts galore; Now is the perfect time and season to enter the decorated door; Read-read-read-study-study-study forevermore.___Black-white-pink-red-brown-tan-yellow skin color; A magnificent rainbow of colorful splendor; The citizens of society as brothers and lovely sisters in glamor. __
Obama drama with an open-door policy; Come cool and collected into true democracy.__ With your creative imaginations; From all around our GlobalWorldNations.; Laying down new world foundations; For fresh growth on self owned organic farm crop plantations; Of Self loving thought impulse vibrations; For self healing cures by safe medications.__
Producing positive proton charged change from within; An all and in all inclusive MultiplexRacialBody blend.__Neighbors of the nations neighborhoods; Together unified in common goods.__Starting up our own shared industries; Being industrious in original liberated ministries.__ Learning how to purify our precious drinking water; How to decontaminate our food sources as a healthy menu to order.__ "They are serious and real"; Yet these problems are being solved without legislative bill.__
'Let us brave once more the icy currents'; In the solemn midst of historic high achievements and future events; Doing without unneeded government entitlements.__ Welfare dependencies are things of the distant past; For the American people and the world is set free at last.__ To reconstruct and to rebuild on solid constitutional ground; From the grassroots level up to salvation and redemption being found.__
This is the source of our prophetic confidence; Faithfully executing excessive spending expense; Aptly applying sound minded principles of common sense; Our natural human rights official offense; And never waver in our diplomatic way of life's self-defense.__
Wisely staying the diplomacy course boldly never turning back, True leaders are self confident as a reality of living fact.__With courage carrying that great gift of freedom; In the glorious light of COLOR KINGDOM.__New World Creative Arts; For all caring and loving hearts; As everybody play their perfect performing parts.__
LoveSensationSpiritDivine is my commission call; May GOD & GODDESS Creators bless you, me and us all!! AMEN.
"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth"; "Old things are passed away, Behold, I make all things new." Expressed by grace in lovin' faith always, smile with a healthy good sense of humor. ThAnK y'AlL's Very MucH
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GlobalWorldNations. [musical theme songs]

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